Airtel Data Plan For Android & Iphone July 2017

Latest Airtel Data Plan For Android & Iphone June 2017

Airtel Nigeria is one of the top telecommunication companies with a huge internet data subscribers. Airtel is also among the network with the best data network coverage in country they provide daily, weekly and monthly data bundles. The company also provides some other miscellaneous data plans. This article, ‘ Latest New Airtel Data Plan For Android & Iphone 2017 ‘, is here to examine Airtel’s data bundles.

latest airtel data plan for android iPhone subscription code

Latest Airtel Data Plan For Android & Iphone June 2017

  • Airtel Daily Data Plan Bundle

The smallest data bundle provided by Airtel is the N100 data plan. The N100 data plan gives 30 mega bytes of data. This N100 data bundle for 30 mega bytes is valid for only 24 hours, starting from the time of purchase. Purchasing this data bundle is as simple as dialling *410# and follow the prompt.

Subscription code : *401# – 100 Naira – 30mb – 24hours

  • Airtel Weekly Data Plan Bundles { Airtel 500 Naira Data Plan Code }

Just as they provides the daily data subscription, the company also provides the weekly data subscription and you can subscribe for the weekly plan of 500 Naira data plan. The N500 data plan gives 750 mega bytes of data. Note that the weekly being talked about here is 2 weeks. When you pay 500 Naira, you will be giving 750 mega bytes of data for 14 days, not 7 days.

Subscription Code : **# – 500 Naira – 750mb – 14days

  • Airtel Monthly Data Plan Bundle

The Airtel monthly data plans are the data plans with the highest subscription. There are different monthly data bundles provided. The smallest of them is the 1000 Naira data bundle. The monthly N1000 data bundle gives 1.5 giga bytes of data The N1000 monthly plans works for all devices. Subscribing to this data bundle is as simple as dialling *496#.

Subscription Code : *496# – 1000 Naira – 1.5gb – 30days

For Airtel subscribers who use more than 1.5 giga bytes of data on a monthly basis can opt in for this data bundle. The next monthly data bundle available is the N2, 000 data bundle. With N2, 000, you will be allocated 3.5 giga bytes of data. The 3.5 giga bytes of data is always valid for 30 days. Note that the 30 days is counted from the date of purchase, not the day of activation. This data bundle works for all devices. To subscribe to this data bundle, all you need to do is to dial *437#.

Subscription Code : *437# – 2000 Naira – 30gb – 30days

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