Top 20 Best Android Apps 2018/2019


Android application is software designed to work on Android devices to help solves basic and daily challenges that need technological interventions. The Android software is designed for mobile devices such as tablets, and PC that operates on an Android operating system (OS). These applications (apps) are in millions and there are different types which are available on Google Play store, Amazon Appstore and diverse and numerous websites online. Some of these applications are free and some are not, they might need a token to be download or activate after downloads.

The Android app enables a user to perform a specific operation or task on the Android devices when these apps are opened, they run on the operating system until it is closed. The official language used to design the majority of android application is “JAVA”. The major proportion of Android is written and designed in JAVA and its APIs are designed to be called primarily from Java.

Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

As earlier mentioned there are millions of android software available, all you need do is to go online and download the one which suits your need, there are inbuilt android apps which are default apps in smartphones.

In the write up, we shall be discussing on best and top 20 Android apps for the year 2018, which was found top download on play store and other download platforms, also, these applications have been found useful and relevant to users need due to the ability to solve cogent and tricky issues people face on daily bases.


There are android apps that make your phone sleek and interesting to operate. As a lover of new and interesting apps on Android, it clearly heightened my curiosity to know the best android apps in the year 2018, this is based on a number of downloads and users of the app. Here are twenty best android apps you need to download on your phone


Google Drive is a cloud storage service that provides you free cloud space to store and access your files on the cloud platform. You can surf through all the files and folders you saved in your Drive and share, move, rename, download, or print any files from the application.

In addition, it includes Slides, Sheets, and Google Docs, where it is possible to edit presentations, spreadsheets, documents, forms, etc. and save them back in the Drive. Users can have access to 20 GB of free space across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. This app serves as a backup where a user data is stored to avoid information loss.


Google Maps is another great and helpful Android app that was developed to aid navigation and location of different locations on earth. It is a web mapping service for real-time GPS navigation, traffic, transit, and details about an uncountable number of people. It shows short-cut route planning, satellite imagery, street maps, real-time traffic info, etc. The application (app) covers accurate maps of more than 180 countries and territories in the world. Google map has made the navigation of areas visited for the first time easy and timely with real time it takes to get to the desired destination.

  • 3. XENDER

Xender, have been the most efficient and a must have app on every android phones. It saves an android user from the disturbance of walking with USB cable around to exchange files with PC as no PC side software is required to transmit or receive files. Moreover, it is a thousand times faster than Bluetooth in transferring files between any device (phone to phones, phone to PC). The updated version of it plays video and music and also views image. Once connected it also gives room for the user to exchange internet data.


Peel Remote is one of the “go-to apps” for controlling your PC, decoders, and television from an Android device. It uses WIFI to remotely control your devices (i.e. television, decoders, and PCs) and comes preloaded with support for more than 90 popular programs.

Using Peel Remote, you can remotely wake up your computer from sleep, turn and off your television and decoders, and also switch various channels. All the necessary features like media player controls, etc. are available in this app. It is mostly preinstalled on Samsung smartphones and trust me you can download the apk online and on different download platform.

  • 5. MX PLAYER

MX Player beats them all. fifth on our list of best Android apps 2018, this video player for Android supports almost all the primary video and audio file formats (i.e. MKV, FLV, MP4, WMV etc.). It provides many features such as editing of subtitle timeframes, on-screen kid lock and many more, fast forwarding, volume control gestures, zooming in and out a video. MX Player is available for free. Moreover, it comes with additional plugins for extra functionalities. It also downloads the subtitles of videos and it is louder than all the video players on Android phones.


Agree or not, Google chrome browser is yet to have a mate when it comes to browser apps on android. Google Chrome is a browser application that enhances sharing of data between the server and the user. The application features include desktop syncing, unlimited tabs, quick links to favorite sites, HTML5 support, built-in Google search, Google translate, etc. This app is user-friendly, convenient, fast, easy to use and provides secure browsing experience with a lot of customizable options. Google Chrome is one of the best Android browsers available.


Nova Launcher is obviously and undeniably one of the best launchers on Android devices which have been on Play Store for several years. The launcher is smooth and lightweight with tons of customizations. Uncountable features are embedded in it which makes the usage interesting and fun.

Nova Launcher supports customization of app-drawer, folder and icon customization has a scrollable dock, and packs around a dozen gestures for ease of use, notification badges. The sweetest part is that it is free to download.


This is one of the most used and downloaded social media of all time. Whatsapp is said to have made Blackberry packed up. WhatsApp is free, instant messaging applications that enable users to communicate with each other using the phone’s internet service. It provides her users the ability to send messages (text format) and voice messages, images, share links and location, make video calls, etc. to any other user worldwide. It is not just mobile phone compatible but also with PC as a user can download the PC software and connect it to the phone to keep enjoying the service it provides.


SwiftKey keyboard is trusted by millions of users all over the world. It makes use of artificial intelligence that enhances it to learn and can adequately predict what the user intends to type. Swiftkey features autocorrect, gesture, typing for faster input and speech. There is an inbuilt GIF search engine, a variety of themes. Swiftkey saves all input of words that are new (words not in the default memory of the app); not just word but sentences too. It also has several settings that help suit the application to one’s satisfaction. Overall, Swiftkey increases your typing experience and is an app that ought to be on every user’s Android device.

  • 10. SHAZAM

I personally add this to the list of best Android apps 2018. I recommend it for every music lover like me. Shazam is a popular music recognition application that can instantly identify music that’s playing around you. The process involves you to take your Android device close to the source of the music, and after a few seconds, the app will accurately detect the song, the singer, the author and several other information you need know about the song. Besides, songs can be played and added to Spotify playlists, your Facebook account, buy songs in Google Play Music with one tap, connect etc.


This list will not be completed without adding Google file Go app. File go by Google is one of the latest Android app design to recognize and help you get rid of spam and duplicate images, clean up space on your phone memory and keeps it well-structured and properly arranged, recommends rarely-used apps be uninstalled so that your phone stays speedy, it also assist you to find important photos, videos, and documents faster and makes it easy to share your files offline – quickly and securely.

  • 12.  CONTACT+

This phonebook application adds flair and beauty to your phone contact. Contacts+ is a phone contact or better put phone address book replacement designed for android users which aid in organizing phones contacts and integrates them with your social media handle and aids in communications. The app automatically imports information from linked social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn contacts etc. the interface is awesome and beautiful, the dialer is superb and also the message feature is better than the phones inbuilt. You can check it out and confirm by yourself.


Microsoft application is 13th among the best Android apps 2018, majorly used for typing, editing and preparing documents, reports, memo etc. it is the best because it gives you the same feel you get on PC, all the necessary tools are embedded in the app so that the user can properly work on his android. It also has the Excel for spreadsheet, and PowerPoint for presentation. It beats other words processing software apps on Android and makes typing and editing enjoyable. To enjoy the features to the fullest, there is need to register.

  • 14. MIXLR

You love music, you like to stream your programs online so as to reach your friends, family and followers in other region, countries online. Mixlr enhance a user to stream a live program online so that her listeners and followers can listen and follow it at the same time. It is an audio android application, it also saves the audio been broadcasted. All you need do is to download the app, install and register with your Gmail account. Mixlr makes sharing of live broadcast easier and cheaper.

  • 15. 1WEATHER

1Weather is arguably the best weather app which is accurate and effective in terms of weather forecasting. Its design includes a radar, has a simple feature, a forecast for up to 12 weeks, paginated design that shows you the current weather, and other fun stats. probably the most amazing feature is in its minimal design which just shows you the weather (and fun facts, if you want).


Wow! This is indeed a must-have app on your android device and 16th on our list of top 20 best Android apps. It works on all android devices, all you need do is to download it and then install, once that is done you can you can ask it whatever you want. It also supports a variety of commands. You can ask about population control, control lights, and it can solve simple math problems.


Phone security is paramount to every android users. It has always been experienced that unauthorized users picks up your phone and then scroll through of which those who cannot operate may delete some vital information or application on the phone, this has given rise for the need to download an application that can enhance the security and safety of your phone. That is where LastPass Password Manager comes into play. Embedded within LastPass apps is a password manager that helps you save your login credentials in a safe, and in a secure way. Also, it generates nearly impossible passwords for your accounts. It’s controlled with a master password. Lastly, it has cross-platform support so you can use it on computers, mobile devices, tablets, or whatever.


This app is built for those who enjoy podcast… the apps features both audio-only and video podcast support so Android users can catch up on just about anything, Android users can download or stream various podcasts for Android users’ enjoyment, a sign-in feature so you can sync your podcasts across devices, and a pretty decent recommendations function, there is also a light and dark theme.


Solid Explorer is a pretty app for users of Android phones, it is as good as it gets in the file explorer apps category. The features of Solid Explorer include support for the most popular cloud services, archiving support, and even some more power-user stuff like FTP, SFPT, WebDav, Material Design, and SMB/CIFS support. It looks great, it’s incredibly stable, and it just works well.


Coming in twenty on the list of the best Android application 2018, True caller App, a beautiful app that is tantamount to your phone inbuilt contact. True caller organizes your contacts in a nice way, also it can identify unknown and strange callers that are not in your contact list, it connects your social media handle such as Facebook, twitter etc. it also has a true message and true dialer apps also. If you need it, you go for it.

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There are a million Android apps out there at the tip of your finger. All you need do is to go online and download as many as you want. I believe this article has helped many that are in the valley of confusion over which apps they need.

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