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This article on top 10 best SEO plugin for WordPress 2018, contains so many information that would be very useful for anyone or any reader, in order to be able to know about the best SEO plugin that will be useful for WordPress in 2018.

Over the years, people have come up with different types of ways by which SEO plugins are to be used and now in 2018, the best types or the top 10 best SEO plugin for WordPress has emerged.

In 2018, many people make use of WordPress to collect data, to keep information, to record notes, to record budget and to do a host of other things and this information about SEO plugin for WordPress 2018, would no doubt be very beneficial for people who are into this kind of software usage.

This article will not only explain the top 10 best SEO plugin for WordPress 2018, it would also explain the functions and how they are used and why they have occupied the top 10 best position.

Before going further into this article, it would be relevant to talk about what these basic term known as Plugins and WordPress.


There are a lot of controversies on how to go about search engines and plugins for WordPress, and that is why it proves difficult for so many people to find what exactly it is that they are looking for, as they are faced with so many types and possibilities that it becomes more of a problem for them to pick or choose what they really want. If you fit into this category, then this article is probably for you no doubt.

These are the best 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress 2018…


This is not only one of the most sought-after type of plugins in the world, as this is also the basic and the best solution for anyone with any SEO needs.

This type of plugin, enables you to have an SEO title, it also gives you the ability to put in a meta description and some meta keywords on every post of every page on your site.

Best SEO Plugin For WordPress

Yoast SEO

This plugin also helps you to write some random and custom titles for the main site.

In the real sense, this type of plugin is the best for anybody and that is why it is topping the list of the top 10 best SEO plugin for WordPress in the world.


This is seen as a tool that many professionals make use of in order to form analytics and insights from other people who make use of it.

Also, it is used to help an individual to develop and to increase the use of an individual’s SEO.

In this kind of tool, you are given the opportunity to learn any kind of keyword that is organic in nature, and this too will also help you to have a backdoor insight into your rivals strategizing, ways of advertising and so many other things.

In the real sense, this tool will help you to see through anyone and anything and become a better SEO yourself.


As the name implies it is a keyword planner that is best at giving clear and proportionate insight into what people look for or search for on google also in this type of plug-in you can acquire a set of keyword ideas from Google making use of Google keyword planner to this tool is one of the best in the world and it is the best for WordPress.

This type of tool can also help advertisers to find the right pins for the right types of keywords that they need on their websites.

This brings about an efficient result when it is used properly as it makes use of the right keywords and the right elements.

It is very easy to use; for example, a blogger might have a problem or issues finding the right keyboards even though there’s a high volume of searched keywords on google.

This tool will help make your website very unique by giving you the best-coined keywords for your website


This is categorically known as a free keyword search tool, that is available to the public whenever they are in need of it.

This tool helps an individual to coin or import new ideas, by clicking on a particular keyword, when using this too a lot of suggestions for other keywords will pop up for you to pick from and this feature is very unique about this keyword.


This type of tool was brought into existence by Moz and it is one of the best free tools that help individuals to check the background data for a particular domain name. While checking such a domain, this tool would also help you to discover who is linked in that particular domain from the type of words or texts that they use. Although this type of tool comes with a free and fast energy, it also has a limit to which anyone can search for it.


This is a kind of tool, that is the best in whatever situation that an individual finds his or herself. This is one of the best email broadcasting that would bring a kind of boost into the marketing goals and objectives of an individual. There are some basic and exotic features like responses which are automated, insights into emails and personalization.


Just as the name implies, it helps to check for broken links sent on search engines, so as to keep outsiders away who might mean any form of harm. This helps you also to randomly check your personal site to make sure that it is not broken in any way, and it is very fast to detect when a particular site link is broken by something or someone. This is also a free WordPress plugin that has proved itself useful and reliable over the years in the detection of unfortunately broken links in one’s WordPress.


In this situation, when an individual creates a link with an external device, you have automatically shared some of your site permissions and insights with such a source, but this type of tool would help to keep that from happening by refusing to share important authority with such third party.

Aside from this, it is definitely possible to make sure that every link will have a not follow feature in WordPress. However, this can prove to be very disadvantageous as some sites might be very helpful for your WordPress and put up the nofollow feature might block them from coming in.

This tool is a very simple WordPress plugin that has a kind if checkbox located in the in the insert link pop up for WordPress.

This checkbox would help you to open more than one link at a time.


This type of tool is very different as it can be found on different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome browser, Opera, and Safari. This tool makes provision for information that might suit yours in every possible way. This information that is being provided can include so many features or can be different, such that they may come in ranks, age and last seen.

The SEOquake has a toolbar that displays all these information from time to time.


This tool helps to make the experiences of a site better and more unique in every way. It Also helps to improve server and network coverage which will bring about effective performance and pave way for transparency in every way. It is one of the best plugin tools for WordPress and it preaches efficiency.


This is known as an open source content management system which is usually based on PHP it has a feature of a plugin and a template system. Also, it has an application with blogging which also helps other types of web content which means that it helps to support some other types of web content.

So, it is known as a website management that is very popular for its system use it also gives way for other application domains and over 10 million websites make use of the word press management.

the people who came to a bad disk management system and known as the WordPress foundation and it is usually written in the PHP form that different types of content in WordPress which ranges from blog software management content management and content management.

WordPress came into function or existence on May 27, 2003, and it was formed or executed by its known founders, known as Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. For a WordPress to be functional, it has to be installed on a web server as a service, so as to serve as a network host.


This is categorically known as a part of a software which is said to contain a host or page of functions that is put together with a WordPress website. It is very functional as it adds new and informative features to the WordPress website. It can also be seen as an added advantage to the course of a web browser so as to give it a better look or an added functionality and quality in terms of display and design.

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These tools are very useful and the easiest to use anywhere and at any time on WordPress. Also, it helps to maximize money earn on WordPress platform, also helps increase site-user friendly and enhance traffic.

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Best SEO Plugin For WordPress
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Best SEO Plugin For WordPress
This article contains so many information that would be very useful for anyone or any reader, in order to be able to know about the best SEO plugin that will be useful for WordPress in 2018.
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