Genvideos – Top 13 Best Sites To Stream Movies Online

Genvideos - Top 13 Best Sites To Stream Movies Online

Genvideos – Top 13 Best Sites To Stream Movies Online

GenVideos – It is an exciting thing to watch movies without having to pay a penny. Many diehard lovers of movies will surely attest to this. Nowadays, there are thousands of sites which are massively loaded with videos such as TV episodes and several other movies.

If you have a great flair for watching movies, you can simply visit thousands of sites and stream your favorite movies at no cost. Undoubtedly, this is an exciting thing to do in order to ward off stress and even replace boredom with pleasure.
On a daily basis, a multitude of movie lovers visits the web to stream their lovely videos. Some of these people are ardent followers of TV episodes and wouldn’t love to miss out on any newly-released episodes.

If you have been looking for some cool websites that permit you to stream online movies without paying a single dime, be sure that this very article has every good reason to provide you the names of the Top 13 Best Sites to Stream Movies Online.

Genvideos - Top 13 Best Sites To Stream Movies Online

Gen Videos

Also in this article, we will take a brief review of Genvideos which is undoubtedly one of the best sites for streaming movies online. And in case you don’t have to use Genvideos for quite a few reasons, you will find some of the other websites you can easily resort to for streaming movies without being restrained.

To a number of movie lovers, Genvideos is the best online store for anyone to stream their favorite full-length videos ranging from Hollywood movies to TV Series. If you have been looking for a legit site to stream high-quality movies, then our option is a suitable choice for you. One of the most interesting aspects of this movie streaming on Genvideos is that the site provides videos which you can stream on a free-of-charge basis.

Genvideos is considered a leading place to stream movies online. Moreover, the website is soaring in popularity mainly because it has thousands of movies which you can find on top of several box offices. In addition, these movies are provided in the most suitable format for pleasurable viewing. If you wouldn’t like to see low-quality movies, just endeavor to visit and you will surely have a reason to smile a million times as you stream your favorite movies seamlessly.
Moreover, the movies are available in various video formats (inclusive of HD) just for users to specify the ones that are suitable for their mobile devices. Whether you’re using a PC or a mobile phone, be sure to get your suitable video format if you choose to use Genvideos in streaming movies.

Top 13 Best GenVideos Alternative Sites to Stream Movies Online {Free & Paid}

As regards the review you’ve read so far, Genvideos is one of the most popular sites for free movie streaming. Nevertheless, you may need to review some other websites which serve as alternatives. In that case, below are the Top 13 alternative sites where you can stream movies:

  • 1. Hulu

Hulu is a great website to review in this post and its fame rests on the fact that it is one of the best all-time sites for video streaming. Although numerous videos on this website are not available for free, you’re still allowed to use a free trial. By using this free trial, Hulu lets you stream movies freely but later on, you will be charged to enjoy the Hulu Plus. Notably, the free trial grants you limited access to Hulu’s database of thrilling movies which are suitable for all time. In order to have access to all the movies on Hulu, you will have to pay to use the Hulu Plus.
Unlike the other Genvideos alternatives to be mentioned herein, Hulu is a pay-to-use video streaming site which can charge you the monthly fee of $8. Impressively, this fee has a number of advantages such as the grace to stream movies or browse the website without coming across any ad pop-ups.

  • 2. 123Movies

123Movies is one of the leading repositories for your favorite movies. Quite interestingly, this site is greatly admired for its simple user interface that allows you to scroll around for your favorite movies. Probably because it is easy to use, this site has a vast number of movie lovers who visit it on a daily basis to stream their desired movies.

By using 123Movies, you’re certain to stream a massive collection of amazing videos ranging from modern films to classics. If you’re bent on bringing some epic and classic movies back to memory, 123Movies is surely one of the best sites to visit. In addition, 123Movies offers high-quality video formats which will perfectly suit your mobile device.

  • 3. Putlocker

Whether you believe it or not, Putlocker is an impressive site for video streaming although its design might not appeal to your fancy. Besides its huge collection of interesting videos including TV shows, Putlocker is widely used by movie addicts who love to visit the internet for their favorite movies. Meanwhile, this is due to the fact that Putlocker loads swiftly whether it is viewed on a computer system or mobile phone. Since the videos on Putlocker are termed free of charge, you need not pay any dime to enjoy your favorite movies.

  • 4. Vumoo

Vumoo has been on the web for a while. In fact, it is one of the video streaming sites with simple user interfaces. On Vumoo, you can easily search for your lovely videos without having to roam about ceaselessly. Moreover, this site sports an exquisite design that will electrify your desire to visit again and again.
From the orderly arranged movie categories, visitors can easily select the movies they wish to stream. Moreover, there are thousands of thrilling movies that will keep you glued to your moments of leisure.

  • 5. Zmovie

Many movie lovers might not know this site but it is quite unique as a video streaming platform that provides links to other servers for visitors to easily download their favorite movies. Without any doubts, Zmovie has been reviewed a number of times and observations show that it offers numerous movies which users can enjoy without being held guilty of illegal streaming. If you’re keen to have a feel of an awesome website that grants you free access to a large collection of movies, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit Zmovie.

6. is one of the perfect alternative sites to Genvideos. It is massively loaded with interesting movies. Likewise, is best enjoyed by diehard lovers of anime series and TV shows. Considered extremely easy to use, doesn’t frustrate its users with the need to pay some charges or attempt to sign up procedures before they can stream their lovely videos. Over and above all this, magnifies your pleasure by granting you the permission to download your favorite movies for further viewing.

  • 7. Rainierland Movies

Rainierland Movies is one of the most pleasant online places for video streaming. Unlike certain websites, there are fewer ads pop up on Rainierland pages and with this, you don’t get frustrated while trying to stream videos.
Although we’re not urged to rate this website above Genvideos, it is surely a great alternative that gives you something typical of what excites you about Genvideos. If you’re dying to watch a whole lot of exciting videos such as TV shows and action movies, Rainierland has got the massive database of movies that will thrill you on and on.

  • 8.

The addition of this site distinguishes this article as the best content you can resort to for Genvideos alternatives. If you’re crazy about having your favorite movies at your fingertips, you won’t love missing out on this website. boasts of a unique feature that permits you to request for your favorite movies. In order to enjoy this feature, you first have to create an account at no cost. Just create the free account and make an order for your lovely videos ranging from TV shows to thrilling movies.

While streaming videos on, you’re sure to enjoy a pleasant media background that allows you to concentrate only on the videos you’re streaming.

  • 9. YifyTV

Yify has remained the top priority of some movie lovers who hate to see a lot of add pop-ups. If you belong to this category of movie lovers, I’m sure Yify will suit your satisfaction because it displays fewer ads.

In reality, Yify is one of the widely-used video streaming sites and if you don’t have access to Genvideos for one reason or the other, I’m sure you won’t have the cause to regret turning to this website.
Also on Yify, you get to stream free HD movies which are contained in a massive database. Most importantly, the URL of this website is and in order to get the actual thing you want, endeavor to visit the appropriate URL.

  • 10. is one of the easy-to-use sites on this list. For you to browse your desired movies and download them in no time, uses a quick search bar. Notably, is best recommended to the movie lovers who need reliable links to their favorite online videos.

In general, is a quick search engine into which you can place the title of your favorite movies and wait for the search results that will show you the numerous links and even sites where you can download or stream them.
Rather than facing the awkward task of visiting a number of sites in search of your lovely movies, comes in place as a great alternative that directs you to where you’re to stream or download them.

  • 11. is a pleasant website to use but if you’re just considering giving it a try, note that its collection of videos majorly span across TV shows. If you hope to stream movies without using Genvideos, endeavor to use either of the other sites mentioned above.

With this information, it is obvious that is mainly specified for lovers of TV shows and if you’re dying to stream exclusive TV Series, then this website will suit you best.

Moreover, if you’re concerned about watching high-quality TV shows, I guess is one of the sites that you will serve you in the most awesome capacity.

  • 11.

Although this site is pretty easy to use, you need to note a few things as you resort to it in place of Genvideos. Movie4K actually provides movies in 4K quality but not all the movies in its database are available in this quality. Moreover, the video contents on do not really belong to the website. They are only provided using file sharing networks and the servers of third-party sites. In that case, the video contents available on can be used freely by anyone in the belief that the website may not have the right to claim their ownership.
While using this website, each movie page you load contains some links which you may visit in order to stream your favorite movies. Most importantly, this also enables you to find out the appropriate links for your location.

  • 12.

This website has been rated as one of the preferable alternatives to Genvideos. Although contains some videos considered suitable for general viewing, it is best suited for addicts of adult movies. If you hate to see adult movies or anything pornographic, you can endeavor to steer clear of this website and consider trying any of the other alternatives above.


It is pretty clear that all the Genvideos alternatives on this list have what it takes to please movie lovers. With this informative post, we’re sure that you have had an awesome review of the best alternative sites you can vouch for in place of Genvideos.

You can preferably visit the listed websites one after the other and give us your feedback. Also, most of these websites will provide you your favorite videos at no cost and importantly, don’t hesitate to use the comment box below if you think there are other sites which are worthy of mention.


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Genvideos - Top 13 Best Sites To Stream Movies Online
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