How To Transfer Money from Skye Bank to Other Banks

Skye Bank Mobile Transfer Code – How to Transfer Money from Skye Bank to Other Banks

Are you frustrated with the long queue you use to encounter at the ATM Machine? And you are a Skye Bank Account Holder? I think your stress has been waved away as your bank has decided to make life easier for you by the acquisition of code ( Skye Bank mobile transfer code ) that will enable you to transfer money to other banks directly from your mobile phone. However, please take note of the following in order for you to enjoy the service so well

Steps On How to Transfer Money from Skye Bank to Other Banks

  1. You must have your mobile phone number with Skye bank
  2. The code works well with any network, be it Glo, MTN, 9mobile etc.
  3. You must have the minimum of 50 Naira since it is between Skye Bank and other banks
  4. The Minimum and Maximum amount you can transfer per day are ₦1000 and ₦20,000 respectively.
  5. You must have the specified amount you wish to transfer in your Skye Account
How To Transfer Money from Skye Bank to Other Banks

How To Transfer Money from Skye Bank to Other Banks

Now, On how to transfer money from Skye bank to other banks, please follow the instructions that follow below:

  1. Firstly, you will register by dialling *833# and a page will pop up for you
  2. Select the appropriate option to register and provide any required details
  3. To Transfer, simply dial the same code *833# and the same page will pop up again
  4. Select the option of Transfer Fund after which another pop up will come up requesting from you whether it is intra Skye Transfer or Inter Bank Transfer
  5. Select Inter Bank Transfer and go for the option that has Beneficiary Bank
  6. A list of banks will pop up and you will select the bank in which you are sending the money to. E.g. First Bank, Diamond Bank etc.
  7. Select the bank and another pop up will request you to provide the beneficiary account number
  8. You will be requested to enter your pin (usually your ATM pin)
  9. After all this, a pop up will show that will have in it all information you have entered together with the person’s name for confirmation.
  10. After confirming, select ‘Okay’ and you are done.

In conclusion, do not forget that all this can also be done using your ATM card. And also do not forget that to be able to enjoy the service, you have to register your mobile number with Skye Bank.

Skye Bank Mobile Transfer Code – *833#

Among the twenty-six banks that were certified by the Central Bank of Nigeria, is Skye Bank. Having its headquarter based in Lagos, Nigeria, Skye Bank is one of the large financial services providers in Central and West Africa. Actually, the bank was formed as a result of the merging of four different banks in 2006. These banks include Prudent Bank, EIB International Bank Plc, Bond bank Limited, Co-operative Bank Plc and Reliance Bank Limited. As at now, the bank operates with over three hundred branches which are located in all parts of Nigeria. As at now, the Chairman of the sixteen (16) Boards of Director is in the person of M. K. Ahmad with Mr. Tokunbo Abiru as the Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director.

Over the years, the bank has been trying relentlessly to improve the quality of services provided for its customers as this has been inscribed in the aims and goals of the bank. This is evident with the introduction of the Naira denominated MasterCard Debit card, called MasterCard Verve, which is actually the first of its kind in Nigeria. This was done in 2011 and three years later, the bank acquired Main Street Bank Limited. Recently, the bank has exploited the opportunities provided by technology in improving the quality of services they provide, by the introduction of Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

Still On How To Transfer Money from Skye Bank to Other Banks

Internet and Mobile Banking are very important as they help to make life so easy for users. With Internet Banking, you can perform any transaction on the internet so far you are connected to the internet. While with Mobile Banking, you can perform limited transactions in the absence of the internet. Thus, the roles of each are inevitable in our daily activities.

Just like what most banks are involved in now, Skye Bank has also made a bold step in making life easy for its customer by the acquisition of USSD code that enables many activities to be performed on the account. These activities include transferring funds to other banks, airtime recharge, checking of balance and many others. These activities might not mean so well to individuals that have never witness or stay on a queue for good four hours but I am quite sure that those that have witnessed such will know the importance of such activities. Rather than going to the bank to queue at the ATM or at the counter, you can perform anything you wish to do so far you know the USSD code assigned by Skye Bank for such activities. This means that you can even perform it while lying on your bed.

With Skye Bank Mobile Banking Service, you can receive and send money to anybody in the world, whether international or local. The only requirement is for you to get your mobile phone number register in order for them to have your number in their database. This is so important because without you registering you will not be able to perform any activities. Another important thing for you to know is the designated code for the money transfer, which will be expose soon as you read further.

Another advantage of the Sky Bank money banking is the ability to send or receive money from any bank. This will definitely ease the stress of going to the bank and wait for many hours. Also, depending whether you are using 9mobile, MTN, Glo or any other mobile network you can think of, Skye Bank takes you into consideration as they have designed the service to be usable using any network. This means that you are liable to use the service so far you have an account with the and have gotten your mobile phone number registered. Also, please note that for you to be able to perform the service successfully, you have to have a minimum of 50 Naira in your mobile phone. This is because after the transfer, a sum of 50 Naira will be deducted. This is not so if the transfer is between Sky Bank Users, that is Intra-Skye Bank Money Transfer.

  Code to Transfer Money from Skye Bank to Other Banks


That’s all about How to Transfer Money from Skye Bank to Other Banks.


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