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UBA Mobile Transfer Code | How To Transfer Money From UBA To Other Banks

In this article, we are going to be having a thorough look at what UBA is and how the bank has been improving on the quality of financial services that it is providing for its users. Among the many ways the bank uses, is the life-easing mobile money transfer that you can easily make use of using just your mobile phone. This works better than the conventional ATM money transfer as it doesn’t require you to even go to the bank. To know how to transfer money from your UBA account to other banks easily using your mobile phone, simply read the article as we will give the UBA Mobile transfer code required for the service shortly. Just get a place to sit and enjoy your reading.

How To Transfer Money From UBA To Other Banks

  • Inter-bank transfer is the transfer of money from UBA to other banks, which I guess you already know. But there are some important measures that you have to take into consideration before you start enjoying the service.
  • Firstly, you must have your mobile phone number register with the bank in order to for the bank to have your number in their database. 
  • The minimum and maximum amount you can send per day is 1000 Naira and 20,000 Naira respectively. Lastly, ensure you have a token in your mobile phone because there is usually deduction of funds after the transaction.

UBA Mobile Transfer Code to Transfer Money from UBA to other Banks

  1. USSD Code: *919#
  2. Transfer Code: *919*4*Account Number*Amount#
  • Step by step guide on how to transfer money from UBA to UBA account and other bank accounts

  1. Simply dial *919# on your registered mobile phone number
  2. A message will pop up containing a list of options that will request you to select one
  3. Select option 1 to open an account that will enable you to have your security code that can be used for the subsequent transaction
  4. After that, you can now make your interbank transfer with ease
  5. To make your transfer, simply dial *919*4*account number*amount#. For example, assuming you wish to make a transfer of 5000 to your friend who is a GTB user with the account number 1234567890, simply dial *919*4*1234567890*5000#.
  6. After that, a pop up will show requesting you to input your security code that you got during your registration

And finally, we are through.

Uba Transfer Code Mobile

Uba Transfer Code Mobile

Yeah, before that, note that irrespective of the network you are using be it MTN, Zain etc., you are liable to make you of the service. Also, the service supports any model of the phone be it Apple, Samsung etc., so you do not need to worry about your phone type. After you must have registered your mobile phone number, simply follow the following step to step guide to make transfer between UBA and other banks. And do not forget that you can also perform the service using your UBA ATM card.

UBA MObile Transfer Code | How To Transfer Money From UBA To Other Banks

Before we end this post, let’s look into the life of UBA.

UBA Facts

Did you know that your bank, UBA is a multinational financial institution? Yes, it is and for your information, the bank is even one of the best and most resilient bank in the whole of Africa with operations in nineteen African countries and offices in three global financial centres:

  • Paris
  • New York
  • London.

Seriously, if you are a UBA account holder, I congratulate you on a personal note because the bank you are banking with is not just an ordinary bank but an experienced one at that. Congratulations.

And do not forget that the bank is a certified commercial bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria. So do not be surprised at the way the bank is offering commercial services to you; it is the main work it ought to be doing. Including you, UBA has about eight million (8 Million) customers in the world and also provides approximately seven hundred (700) offices to offer services to its customers, including you.

Do you know that UBA has been operating in Nigeria even before the country got her independence? Yes, it has been established a long time ago. In 1949, United Bank for Africa was established but referred to as The British and French Bank Limited (BFB). Later in 2005, BFB merged with Standard Trust Bank (STB) to form the today’s UBA that you are banking with now. A year later, UBA has maintained interconnections with its other 428 branches in Africa. Wow, do you now see that your bank is the largest online real time branch network in Africa? And do you even know that your bank was among the first international banks to be registered under the Nigerian Law a year after independence?

How To Transfer Money From UBA To Other Bank Accounts

How To Transfer Money From UBA To Other Bank Accounts

Over the years, in addition to the relentless effort to improve the quality of services that its customers are receiving, the bank has also attempted to make use of the opportunities provided by technology to improve on its services. Let take a look at what the bank has been doing with technology over the years.  Your bank was actually the first Nigerian bank to introduce

    First Visa Dual Currency Debit Card and

  • also the First to launch Nigeria’s First Cash deposit ATMs.

These are just a few out of what the bank does with technology.

Recently, the bank has been motivated more toward the improvement of the quality of services provided for its user by the way other banks are making life so easy for their customers. Most of the banks now have a designated USSD code that can be used on any phone to make any transaction on the account. Fortunately for you, UBA has also embarked on the journey and has successfully acquire a USSD that can be used to perform any form of transaction on your account even though you can still perform the service using your UBA ATM card.

But to be truthful, mobile money transfer is more life-easing than the use of ATM card. Yes, you do not need to queue on the ATM before you perform any form of transaction on your account. You do not even need to go to the bank before you perform any transaction, let say interbank transfer.

Hope you are able to gain a few things from the article.

Enjoy your stay at UBA

That’s all about UBA Transfer Code | How To Transfer Money From UBA To Other Banks.


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