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The Duo of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Travelstart affirmed the decision to work together in taking the Nigerian female Bobsled and Skeleton team to South Korea. It is understood that the team will take off from Lagos-based Murtala Muhammed International Airport in their quest to compete for gold in South Korea. Going on the flight schedule, the team is expected to fly through Amsterdam and touch down at Seoul-based Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

Nigeria has provided the names of the athletes who will represent the country at the forthcoming 2018 Winter Olympics scheduled to take place in Pyeongchang. Being Nigerian bobsled team first-ever appearance, the country will be represented by Simidele Adeagbo, Seun Adigun, Akuoma Omeoga and Ngozi Onwumere at the forthcoming Winter Olympics scheduled to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea from 9th  to 25th of February 2018.

Meanwhile, Travelstart Nigeria and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have pooled efforts together to foster Africa’s progress and ensure that the Nigerian team receives full support.

In conjunction with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Travelstart Nigeria a leading travel company with great travel experiences and cheap flights are committed to gathering efforts aimed at taking the Nigerian team to its first Winter Olympics. Travelstart believes that the Nigerian team shows vigorous attitude, determination and commitment which correspond to its company’s standards.

Travelstart Nigeria Ng

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About Travelstart Nigeria

Established in Sweden, Travelstart is the biggest online travel agency in Africa and it began operation in 1999 as the main factor behind Stephan Ekberg –a travel visionary. Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, Travelstart is a travel agency with almost 2 decades of travel services and cheap flights. Over the years, it has achieved immense growth in the task of unifying Africa’s immigration sector. Currently, the travel agency boasts of over 200 staff members who are distributed among Travelstart subsidiaries in Turkey, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt and few other countries.

In 2012, Travelstart launched its operation in Nigeria and over the years it has achieved a considerable increase in its staff base. With the help of its staff base comprising over 50 members, Travelstart Nigeria paves the way for over 500 airlines to carry out flight operations across over 11,000 destinations.

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Nigeria

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM is a long-existing scheduled airline which came into being in 1919. For having maintained its name since establishment, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is distinguished as the world’s oldest scheduled airline yet to experience any change of brand name. KLM is greatly acclaimed for the 2016 global flight operations it carried out with more than 200 aircraft. As a consequence of this, the travel agency made huge profit estimated at €10 billion. Likewise, this paved the way for the employment of 32,000 staff members from the agency’s Amsterdam headquarters.

Under the influence of its major subsidiaries which are KLM Cityhopper and KLM, the KLM Group maintains an operative stance with 635,000 tons of cargo and the massive passenger base of 30 million people.

Through its intercontinental and European networks comprising 72 and 88 destinations respectively, KLM offers passengers convenient, safe and quick access to the capital cities and the economic hubs across the globe. KLM launched its operations in Nigeria in 1947. Its first Nigerian operations were scheduled flights carried out with a DC-4 with Kano State as the destination. With the motive of satisfying the needs of its esteemed passengers in Nigeria, the travel agency [KLM] launched scheduled flights in Lagos State in 1961. Currently, flight operations in the Lagos route are carried out with an A330-200.

The Nigerian Bobsled Team

The Nigerian Bobsled Team

The Nigerian Bobsled and Skeleton Team

The Nigerian Bobsled and Skeleton team is a group of determined, high-minded and active females who have shown the readiness to carve out a significant edge for Nigeria (and Africa as a whole) in the forthcoming 2018 Winter Olympics. Having qualified for Nigeria’s first appearance in the Winter Olympics, KLM believes the Nigerian Bobsled and Skeleton team have the impressive qualities which incorporate the company’s aims. Therefore, the company [KLM] is ready to partner with Travelstart Nigeria in course of flying the Nigerian team to South Korea for its first and historic appearance in Winter Olympics.

Backstories of the Female Athletes

The four females of Nigerian Bobsled and Skeleton team have emerged as the first set of athletes waiting to represent Africa at the 2018 Winter Olympics under the Bobsled & Skeleton Category. Without doubts, these four athletes have carved out remarkable achievements and here, we take a brief look at the biography of each athlete.

  • Seun Adigun

Seun Adigun is the bobsled driver of the Nigerian team. Although she was born in the US region of Chicago, Seun Adigun hails from Surulere, Lagos State in the South-West of Nigeria. Seun Adigun grew up with a strong passion for sports and interestingly, this has earned her significant recognition both locally and internationally. During the 2012 Summer Olympics which took place in London, Seun Adigun participated in the 100m hurdles but couldn’t secure a qualifying spot for herself. In 2016, she led the Nigerian bobsled team and made use of her shrewdness to recruit fellow bobsledders like Akuoma Omeoga and Ngozi Onwumere.

  • Akuoma Omeoga

Akuoma Omeoga is an Igbo girl and native of Umuahia –the capital of Abia State, Nigeria. Alongside Ngozi Onwumere, Akuoma Omeoga plays the role of a brakewoman for the Nigerian Bobsled team. Although Akuoma Omeoga hails from South East Nigeria, the 25-year-old bobsledder was born in the US region of Minnesota. Akuoma Omeoga is said to have been influenced by her family to engage in extracurricular activities (including sports). With her anticipated appearance at the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics, Akuoma Omeoga will earn significant recognition as a bobsledder.

  • Simi Adeagbo

Simi Adeagbo is a Yoruba girl who hails from Ekiti State. She is distinguished as an athlete who has reached a great milestone by breaking incredible sports records such as being the first female athlete to represent Africa in the Skeleton category of Winter Olympics.

  • Ngozi Onwumere

Ngozi Onwumere is an Igbo girl and native of Imo State. Currently, she serves as the brakewoman for Nigeria’s Bobsled and Skeleton team. Before she was introduced into Nigeria’s Bobsled team, Ngozi Onwumere had represented Nigeria in a number of international games –particularly relay races including 400 metres, 100 metres, 4×100 metres and 200 metres.

There you have it on the Nigeria Bobsled Team.

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