TheWatchSeries.To – Top 12 Best The Watch Series Alternatives To Stream Movies


TheWatchSeries.To Top 12 Best The Watch Series Alternatives To Stream Movies Or Tv Series (Free Full Episodes)

So Why Movies are some of the major parts of having wonderful entertainment and if you’re conversant with movies, you must admit that they constitute the best ways of warding off boredom. It is pleasant to have one’s favorite movies at one’s fingertips. And because the online sphere now houses numerous movie download sites, we have carefully made our findings on {} with the intent of stating some of the reasons why it is the best online repository for downloading HD movies ranging from TV Series to various movie genres. In addition, we have included the top 12 alternative sites you can easily vouch for in place of If you’re determined to discover the alternative sites, don’t hesitate to read this article further.

Across the web, is one of the most exciting platforms for the download and streaming of HD videos such as TV Series. As a movie-specific website, the movie site, makes it convenient for you to download or stream a multitude of movies without any restriction. Most excitingly, these movies are available in a number of genres and can be downloaded at an affordable rate. If you’re addicted to watching TV Series ranging from one genre to the other, I must admit that this video/site is absolutely one of the sites you can resort to for an amazing collection of movies. beautifies your experience with its awesome user interface which gives you the pleasure and convenience to find your desired movies without any hassle. If you wouldn’t like browsing around for a certain movie, the watch series allows you to use its search bar in obtaining your favorite movies in no time. Quite interestingly, this is one of the features which make it an outstanding movie-specific website.

In case you’re fond of watching numerous movies as well as TV Series, be sure to have a vast amount of movies to keep you excited at all times. boasts of a massive collection of full-length movies and TV Series which include recent and popular episodes. The watch series keeps you updated with the popular episodes as well as the newly-released episodes. And to get the most out of your favorite entertainment, it further provides you the popular TV shows and schedules for each week.

Moreover, allows you to find the most recent popular episodes easily by placing them on the homepage. On visiting the website, you’re certain to locate the most recent and popular episodes in no time. Verily, this is the best way users/visitors can access trending movies without having to browse around ceaselessly in search of what would excite them. is committed to offering users favorite movies in the easiest way they can be obtained. In reality, it is as rare as gold dust to find a movie-specific website that will make up for the flexible user interface it offers their users. Watching videos on is easier than you can imagine because the site provides you video hosting links which you can access directly. Over and above this, users can harness these links in obtaining free videos.

Regardless of any sentiment you hold about, the factual point is that it is one of the best movie-specific websites you can dream about whenever you need some exclusive videos (such as TV Series) to overcome your boredom. As you may observe, the web houses a vast number of websites where visitors can get free videos. However, some of these websites do not offer you the high-quality video formats you desire. In certain other circumstances, you might not have absolute access to download or watch your favorite movies. Nevertheless, it is beyond doubt that will serve you right in the event of watching and downloading free movies.

In order to add much substance to our review of as a responsive site for downloading movies, we would like to familiarize you with a few other websites you may use as substitutes and alternative. For one reason or the other, you may prefer to have a feel of the alternative websites for downloading and streaming free movies. And if this matches your desire, you’re encouraged to keep on reading this article to find out the top 12 websites you can use in place of for streaming and downloading your favorite movies.

TheWatchSeries.To Top 12 Best The Watch Series Alternatives To Stream Movies Or Tv Series (Free Full Episodes)

  • 1. 123Movies.To

123Movies.To is a popular online platform that does the job of and it is best enjoyed by users because it offers a collection of trending movies and recent TV Series. 123Movies.To boasts of numerous movies and one of the reasons for its universal recognition is that it covers Asian, Bollywood, Nollywood and several other movie kinds.

  • 2. Rainierland

This site is distinguished and admired for giving users the opportunity to download or stream the official versions of their favorite movies. Rainierland doesn’t offer movies which infringe copyright. And if you’re the one who is interested in getting official movies at all times, Rainierland is definitely the perfect option for you.

Although there are a pretty number of other websites you can use as substitutes, using Rainierland gives you access to an incredible variety of the thrilling movies you would love to stream. Also, this site contains a whole lot of interesting movies that will keep you glued to ceaseless moments of entertainment.

  • 3. GenVideos

In reality, this site merits the name it bears because it offers users a large number of videos spanning across various genres. As a user of Genvideo, you’re bound to enjoy the download of free movies which will surely add excitement to your leisure.

On a regular basis, videos are uploaded to Genvideos and as implied earlier, these videos are movies which cover various genres. Most importantly, these movies are downloadable in high-quality formats and if it annoys you to see too many ads while browsing a website, be rest assured that Genvideos is just one of those reasonable websites which display few ads. In every cranny and nook of this website, you’re sure to enjoy the bite of delight you admire.

  • 4.

The most impressive feature of this website is that it offers a massive host of high-quality movies. With this, happens to be a website you can always depend on for large-scale download of HD movies. If you’re viewing as a first-time user, you will observe that there is a wide search bar specified for visitors to obtain their desired movies without any tide of difficulty.
On a comparative note, serves the purpose of especially by offering suitable links for live download and streaming of videos on various other servers. Should you have to download videos using your favorite server, this feature makes it possible without any restraint.

  • 5. CouchTuner

Whether you believe it or not, CouchTuner is one of the most popular online platforms for movie addicts to stream and download HD videos such as TV episodes. This website is greatly admired because its users are bound to enjoy access to a large store of data containing movies which have been orderly arranged. To keep its users updated, CouchTuner uploads TV episodes to its portal as soon as they are released. In the latter case, it is clear that CouchTuner is one of the websites you can visit stream or download the most recent TV episodes. If you’re conversant with CouchTuner, you have the grace to watch the most recent TV episodes even before your relatives or other addicts get to watch them.

  • 6. Vumoo

Obviously, Vumoo is another site you can use in place of If you’re crazy about enjoying the coolest download or streaming experience as regards online movies, Vumoo easily comes in place to serve you in the right manner. A lot of users have testified to this and before you contradict this, you first have to review the website and see for yourself.

On Vumoo, videos are available on a large scale. Moreover, these videos are downloadable in the best format you can always expect. With all this information, you’re certain to admit that Vumoo has one of the best databases for users to obtain movies on a broad range.

  • 7. is a great online store for movie lovers to stream their favorite TV shows without being charged a penny. Based on our findings, it is one of the legit online platforms containing a huge amount of popular videos. If you’re bent on downloading movies on a massive scale (even without being given any download limit), allows you to register as a member.

For seamless download of your lovely movies, you shouldn’t worry any further because is always available to serve you with its huge database of movies.

  • 8.

With, your world of movies becomes amazing. is a repository of numerous documentaries, TV shows and other videos which you can download without sacrificing a single penny. To magnify your experience with the ease of access you can always bank on, features well-arranged categories. Most importantly, the alphabetical arrangement of these categories is just one of the reasons why users quickly obtain their favorite videos. Based on our review, is no less than a superb online store fortified with exciting videos ranging from documentaries to TV Series.

  • 9. couldn’t have come at a lower position that this actual one. This site is best enjoyed for its wide-range collection of HD videos you’re always excited to watch. To make the best out of your online experience, features movie categories in which users can easily explore on the left column of the homepage.

This website is visited by thousands of visitors mainly because it offers exciting movie categories such as cartoon, Asian drama, comedy, and manga. If you are a diehard lover of thrilling movies, you can always bank on this website for your taste.

  • 10.

As a free-to-use platform, users/visitors are not denied access to the movies on this website. As regards this, it is pretty obvious that provides a collection of numerous movies which may be downloaded at all times.
To satisfy users’ needs especially in terms of screen resolutions, offers movies in various download resolutions including 1080p, 720p and few others. One more interesting thing about is that the website doesn’t feature anything other than the most rated movies. Verily, this site is best recommended for users who love to get only the most interesting movies based on ratings.

  • 11.

Like the other movie-specific websites, has a massive database of great movies. But beyond this, this website has a distinctive feature that helps a user in making a choice from a list of languages. Undoubtedly, this is a beneficial means for users who don’t understand English to enjoy the website without language difficulties. is an incredible online platform for movie addicts who love to choose their preferred video quality before movies are downloaded. Using Movie4k, you’ve got to download videos easily and in the format best suited for your viewing.

  • 12.

This is one of the websites dozens of movie lovers are engrossed to use. On, videos of different kinds are provided in the best-recommended quality users can’t afford to miss. If you visit this website, you’re sure to stream and download quality video contents which do not (by any means) infringe copyright. Besides, these movies are free-to-use and this is just why this website should satisfy your taste. boasts of an interesting feature which gives you a smooth download interface. As good as it is, you can download your favorite videos without being redirected a number of times. Also noteworthy is that this website is made up of thousands of movies in case you’re dying to enjoy the large-scale download.


The information above is all that we have for you on and the websites you can use in place of it. We hope you have had a fantastic review so far and if you would love to inform us of any other websites you find interesting, endeavor to use the comment box below. Also, we encourage you to continue browsing this blog as we hope to bring more reviews about movie-specific websites to your fingertips.


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