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Movies are some of the pleasant things to see or watch. Whether you are a movie addict or not, you must admit that you can watch movies (or other interesting videos) for a number of reasons. Based on facts, many people watch movies in order to replace their displeasure with delight. In certain other cases, some people watch movies when they’re extremely tired or bored and need some leisure activity to cheer themselves up. Whichever way you view it, movies constitute the indispensable features of modern entertainment – Yify Movies Official.

Considered the order of the day, a vast number of people are now fond of watching movies. And with the recent advancement in technological innovations, it is obvious that movie enthusiasts now have every necessary requirement to enjoy their favorite movies.

If you’re conversant with modern technology, you should agree that the invention of smartphones, iPod, iPad, tablets and several other high-end gadgets have made it convenient for movie lovers to watch their lovely movies across every here and there. Regardless of your location, you have the awesome grace to enjoy your lovely videos (such as TV episodes). In fact, this is as convenient as anything you could think of simply because portable gadgets (such as tablets and iPhones) have come to replace the need to move around with the bulky ones like computers and TV sets.
Across the web, there are plenty of popular websites which easily fill your mind each time you feel like watching your lovely videos such as Hollywood movies and TV series. Dead and buried are the days’ people bought CDs each time they needed to watch TV series such as WWE shows or some classic movies. And if you’re a keen follower of TV shows and episodic movies, you will easily agree that there are hundreds of websites for you to download, watch or stream your desired movies ranging from one genre to the other.

Yify Movies Official Hindi Hollywood Bollywood Yify Tv

Yify Movies Official Hindi Hollywood Bollywood

We have traversed across the web in search of trusted and reputable websites that give visitors the permission to stream and download full movies for free. Based on our findings, a significant number of sites have proven their worth in this regard and we’re glad to inform you that Yify Movies Official is undoubtedly one of these websites.

Yify tv is one of the most prominent movies streaming sites across the web. Its popularity rests on the fact that a plethora of movie lovers have made it their choice site for the download and streaming of full movies without having to pay any fee. If you recommend movie streaming sites to people these days, you’re sure to be bombarded with questions such as “would I have to register before streaming the movies?’’, “how many movies am I permitted to stream?’’, “how much is the monthly fee?’’

If you’ve been asking any of the questions above, I guess you haven’t taken ample time to visit Yifytv.me and browse the website for your collection of movies inclusive of thrillers, actions, and comedies. On Yify tv, there are a lot of movies including top-rated and popular movies. Quite impressively, you get to stream or download all these movies freely.

Whether you’re browsing the site with a PC or a mobile, Yify Movies Official offers you the video format that suits your device. And if you’re on a swift internet connection, you surely have the good reason to stream your favorite movies in the most pleasurable way.

For the fact that you have read this article to this point, you’re bound to learn the easy trick (or probably the step-by-step guide) you need to download, watch or stream your desired movies. Most importantly, this trick is very easy to learn as it requires little technicality. If you can endeavor to read this article to the concluding part, you will discover how simple it is to make the best out of Yify’s massive collection of fascinating movies.
With added emphasis, it is pretty easy to download movies on Yify tv mainly because you don’t have to expend any money or attempt any boring registration procedures to have unlimited access to the huge collection of movies. Nonetheless, you need an efficient and reliable internet connection to instill great pleasure into your download experience. Whether you’re using your PC or a mobile phone, ensure your internet connection is swift because slow connections might frustrate you or make you feel awkward.


Finally, below is the step-by-step guide you can follow in order to download movies on Yify tv

Complete Steps on How to Download, Stream or Watch Movies on Yify TV

  • Step 1
    Navigate to the web browser on your device (probably your PC) but make sure the browser is an updated one so that you may have a better experience. After opening the web browser, follow the next step below;
  • Step 2
    Scroll to the address bar (of the web browser) and input the URL yifytv.me
  • Step 3
    Having entered the stated URL, you will land on the homepage of Yify tv where there are a number of exciting movies beautifully displayed. As visible on the homepage, you will find the featured videos inclusive of popular and most-rated movies. Among these are full versions of exclusive Hollywood movies. Moreover, details of movies are provided just for visitors to have convincing insights about the movies they wish to download or stream.
  • Step 4
    Like several other prominent movie websites, Yifytv uses an orderly method to arrange its videos into appropriate categories. This is pretty cool as it makes it easy for visitors to find their desired movies under the category that pertains to it. As you navigate round the homepage, you will observe that there are several categories including movies, genres, years and countries. In order to find your favourite movie(s), navigate to the category tagged with the word “movies’’. After selecting this category, a short box will pop up showing the options Releases, Popular and Top +250. From these options, choose Popular and follow Step 5 below to proceed.
  • Step 5
    At this point, the titles of movies are clearly displayed and in order to choose your desired movie, just click on the title that pertains to it. With that done, the poster of this movie will be displayed vividly. Likewise, you will see the entire movie details such as Runtime, Cast, Genre, Release Date and few others. To proceed with the download process, just navigate to the address bar of your browser. As contained in the address bar, there is a specified URL for the movie you wish to download (This is also the URL of the current page). Highlight this URL and copy it. Then open a new tab on your web browser. On this new tab, switch to the address bar and input the URL tubeoffline.com.
  • Step 6
    After entering the stated URL, you will find a number of sites arranged in sections. In as much as Yify.tv begins with the letter `y’, you have to search for `y’. Then navigate to the bottom of the page where you can find the `y’ category. Within this category of websites (which begin with letter `y’), you can easily locate the option indicating Yify tv. You can now tap this option and see Step 7 below to proceed with the download.
  • Step 7
    At this juncture, you will see a new page with an option that allows you to input a URL. On the following image, you will locate the input field into which a URL can be pasted. Now, you’re required to open this input field and paste the copied URL into it. You’re to note that this is the URL of your chosen movie as copied in Step 5 above.
  • Step 8
    After pasting the URL, tap the option indicating Get Video and follow Step 9 below to continue.
  • Step 9
    A new page emerges and it contains the preview of your desired movie. Also contained in this page is the Generate icon. In case you wish to specify your desired video quality, you can use the File Format option provided on the right column of your screen. After choosing the preferred video quality, see Step 10 below to proceed with the download.
  • Step 10
    At the bottom of the right column, you will find an orange-colored icon indicating Generate. Click on this icon and see Step 11 below to complete the download.
  • Step 11
    On the new page that emerges, you will be presented an option that allows you to download the movie. This option is denoted with a Download icon and after selecting it, the download will start immediately. Meanwhile, the download progress depends on your internet connection. You’re advised to use a strong internet connection to enjoy a speedy download experience. Precisely, the download can be completed in few minutes if your internet connection is efficient.

Review of Alternative Sites to YifyTV.me

For all the popular movie sites across the web, there are trusted alternative sites. The importance of these alternative sites is not restricted to the fact that some people may not have access to certain movie sites for one reason or the other. If you fall into this category of people, you have no cause to feel bothered simply because there are other authentic sites which you can visit for your movie downloads.

Based on our findings, Yify tv is one of the most-used movie streaming sites and since it records plenty of daily users, its fame has continued to surge as a significant site for watching and downloading various kinds of movies.
To buttress this review, we would like to discuss some of the best websites you can use in place of Yify.tv. Speaking precisely, we’re not saying these websites are better than Yify tv but it has been widely observed that they can serve the purpose of Yify tv in one way or the other. Regarded as counterparts of Yify tv, each of the websites to be listed herein offers a pleasant user interface with an enormous database of full HD movies.

If you’ve been browsing too many websites in order to stream thrillers, action movies or even comedies, be convinced that this very list of Yify.tv alternatives will provide you the experience you desire. Also contained on these websites are the latest movies that lots of movie addicts love to watch.

Finally, below are the

Best Alternative Sites to Yify Movies

1. Hulu

Hulu is not a strange name within the category of movie streaming websites. The site is fancied for a number of exquisite features but the most notable of these is that you can access unlimited movies probably after fulfilling some conditions. For users to make the best out of their moments of excitement, this website offers a package known as Hulu Plus. By subscribing to Hulu Plus, you get unlimited access to stream or watch your favourite movies and other interesting online videos including exclusive TV shows.

2. MovieTube

This site has an interesting name and the word “movie’’ (as contained in its name), symbolizes that it is a great repository for your exclusive collection of amazing movies distributed among various genres. MovieTube is best enjoyed by the movie addicts who are fond of watching free movies at all times. And if you’re part of this set of people, I’m sure this website is one of the most awesome online portals for you to visit.

3. JustWatch

You may not have heard about this website but it is one of the interesting places for everyone to excite themselves with the latest and popular online videos. Justwatch boasts of an impressive collection of online videos. Moreover, the website is greatly admired for offering the Justwatch app –a convenient means by which you can stream your lovely movies via PC, phone, and tablet.

As we bring our reviews to an end, we urge you to try out the step-by-step guide on how to download movies on Yify.tv. Also, you can make use of the comment box below in sharing your experience with us.


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